There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

It is sweet to think how soon, how very soon, we shall be fitted for the companionship of Jesus Himself, beholding Him in all His unveiled beauties. Does not the thought often gladden our heart, and fill your eyes with tears of joy, and holy contrition for sin? I cannot conceive of holy joy unaccompanied with godly sorrow. Confession of sin should make up one half of our lives. Only acknowledge your iniquity.

And when we remember that we have to do with One so willing and so able to pardon, it becomes then a mingled feeling of pleasure and pain. By confessing sin we gather strength to resist it; thereby the enemy of our souls is foiled, the conscience is kept tender, the heart is sanctified, and the blood of Jesus becomes increasingly precious. Let us constantly flee to the cleansing fountain!


2 thoughts on “There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

  1. This is a wonderful meditation and so true! How can it be that sinners such as we are, are admitted entrance into His presence? Well, only by the cleansing flood! His blood washes away all of our sins. (Rev 1:5) And as was written in your post, the realization of this should lead us to confession. Could not our hours be filled with this? Surely they could for our sin is ever before us.

    Thank you for the post. It is a very godly meditation.


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