A Cup Of Tea With Mary Winslow: Godly Advice For The Pilgrim Way

I have to admit that it is a small fantasy of mine that I often wish I could go back in time and sit down with Octavius and his mother Mary to have a cup of tea and chat about heavenly things and the pilgrim way. Sadly, it just isn’t going to happen.

While reading through Life in Jesus last night, however, I stumbled across the most peculiar of entries by Mary entitled “Godly Sincerity”. It’s form is unlike any other entry made by Mary’s pen and it brought such a rush of enjoyment to my own soul as I read it that I just had to share it with the readers here.

For 30 seconds I could have been back in time some 160 years and sitting with Mary as she gave me practical and Godly advice.

It is written in the book as one paragraph, but for simplicity sake, I’m going to arrange it here in a bullet format. I have not edited it in any way or removed words or sentences. What you read is exactly as it was written.

If ever there were a chance to peek inside the soul of a long departed Godly saint such as Mary to see what made them tick, this is indeed it.

If you would like to read it for yourself, click here and shuffle over to page 175.


  1. Never pay a compliment at the expense of conscience or of truth.
  2. Fear God.
  3. Never say what you do not really feel.
  4. Confess those sins of heart which no eye sees but God’s.
  5. Assume nothing that does not belong to you, and comes not from
  6. vour heart.
  7. Beware of adopting another person’s experience as your own.
  8. Let the fear of God dwell richly in you.
  9. Let your heart be right with Him.
  10. Do all with your eye upon eternity.
  11. Think little of time, except to improve every moment.
  12. Have an abiding sense of the Lord’s presence with you, and do not be satisfied without it.
  13. Never suffer your politeness to carrv vou bevond truth.
  14. Fear God.
  15. Let truth dwell in your heart, and nothing but truth flow from your lips.
  16. Pray, and look for the answer.
  17. Aim always to liave the consciousness of God’s ear harkening.
  18. Be not satisfied with an empty, lifeless form, nor leave the throne of grace without a recognition.
  19. Honour the Spirit, and the Spirit will honour you.
  20. Plead for His indwelling power.
  21. Grieve Him not, lest your heart grow cold, and your soul become barren.
  22. Strive to live on high, and you will live holily ; and to live holily is to live happily.”

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