July 9: Food On The Way

“But my God shall supply all your needs, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

For all the exigencies of the Christian journey God has amply provided. The Lord Jesus being the believer’s “way,” all nourishment for the pilgrimage of the saints is laid up in Him. All supply of wisdom for the perplexing way, of strength for the wearisome way, of grace for the perilous way, of sympathy for the trying way, is in Jesus.

In Him has the Father laid up the provision for the wilderness journey. And what storehouses of nourishment–both testifying of Jesus–are the word of God and the covenant of grace! How full, how rich and ample the supply! All the soul-establishing doctrines, all the sanctifying precepts, and all the precious, comforting promises go to make up the nourishment for the wilderness journey.

Sometimes the Lord brings us into the very heart of the wilderness, just to prove to us how easily and how readily He can provide a table for us even there. And when all other resources are exhausted, and all supply is cut off, and every spring of water is dried up, lo! He opens the eye of our faith to see what His heart of love has prepared.

Are you, dear reader, sitting down to weep like Hagar, or to die like Elijah, in the wilderness–desolate, weary, and exhausted? Oh, see what appropriate and ample nourishment your God and Father has provided for you. The Angel of the covenant touches you with the right hand of His love, and bids you rise and eat and drink, yes, to “drink abundantly.”

In the glorious gospel are “all manner of pleasant fruits, new and old,” which the Lord has laid up for His people. “Go your way, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart,” for all this storehouse of nourishment, this table of provision, is for you.

All the love that is in God’s heart, all the grace that is in the Savior’s nature, all the comfort that is in the Spirit’s tenderness, all the sanctifying truths, free invitations, and precious promises which cluster in the Gospel of Christ, all are yours–the sacred nourishment provided for the your journey to the mount of God. Listen to the voice of Jesus, saying to you, as of old, “Come and dine.”

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