Dealing With God

You know so little of God, my reader, because you live at such a distance from God. You have so little communion with Him, so little confession of sin, so little searching of your own conscience, so little probing of your own heart, so little transaction with Him in the little things of life. You deal with God in great matters. You take great trials to God, great perplexities, great needs; but in the minutiae of each day’s history, in what are called the little things of life — you have no dealings with God whatever — and consequently you know so little of the love, so little of the wisdom, so little of the glory, of your resplendent covenant God and reconciled Father.

I tell you, the man who lives with God in little matters — who walks with God in the minutiae of his life — is the man who becomes the best acquainted with God — with His character, His faithfulness, His love. To meet God in my daily trials, to take to Him the trials of my calling, the trials of my church, the trials of my family, the trials of my own heart; to take to Him that which brings the shadow upon my brow, which rends the sigh from my heart — to remember it is not too trivial to take to God — above all, to take to Him the least taint upon the conscience, the slightest pressure of sin upon the heart, the softest conviction of departure from God — to take it to Him, and confess it at the foot of the cross, with the hand of faith upon the bleeding sacrifice — oh! these are the paths in which a man becomes intimately and closely acquainted with God!

Christs Sympathy To Weary Pilgrims


One thought on “Dealing With God

  1. Good afternoon. This is such an important issue; especally in an age where few professing saints have an intimate walk with Jesus. This is a time of great falling away as the love of many waxes cold. A form of godliness as opposed to a life of forsaking all and following Jesus. With prophetic fulfilment bearing down, those who choose to folow from afar will be unprepared to stand. We must give all diligence to ensure that Jesus is truly our first love. If he is, we’ll desire to spend time with him. A self-examination that I use is a question. “Am I running to the prayer closet or is it a reluctant thing that easily gets brused aside in favor of other choices?”

    Thanks for addressing this. Blessings in Jesus name.

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