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Words cannot begin to express how this mans writings have helped me in my own pilgrimage and have given me a vehicle to see into the deeper things of Christ’s love for His bride.

If you read Winslow long enough, you begin to notice the reoccurring theme of the christian’s life in this world as  that of pilgrimage. As one who lives in a land that is not his own, but is yet passing through this wilderness to a better country…a better home.

Already being a sucker for John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Octavius was a natural fit for me. In the second part of Pilgrim’ Progress, Bunyan developed a character who comes along side of Christiana in her pilgrimage whose name was Mr. Great Heart. He was sent to her by the Interpreter to be a companion and a body guard  to see her through to her journey’s end.

I’ve come to see Winslow in my own walk with the Lord as a Mr. Great Heart of sorts. Time and time again, his words have come along side me in my own “Slough of Despond” and “Doubting Castle” to perk me up and grant me encouragement to keep upon the path laid out before me. To that end, I have come to call Octavius Winslow  “The Pilgrim’s Companion“. He has been just that indeed.


Inspired by Erik Kowalker, Tony Reinke, Justin Taylor, and Phil Johnson who have taken it upon themselves to create websites dedicated to their favorite hereos of the faith, I have decided to do the same for Octavius Winslow.

There is very little information on the net regarding Winslow and what is out there seem to all say the exact same things. The task of digging up information on Winslow has been very difficult, especially considering the fact I have limited means to do so.  Armed with my trusty Google search bar, I have searched the deepest recesses of the the interenet trying to uncover one shred of new information to add to the already limited database of all things Winslow. I have uncovered some new information, but not alot. It is my hope that others who share the same love of the writings of Octavius will contribute new information or corrections to this site to further this knowledge base.

The reason I’ve decided to name it The Octavius Winslow Archive is because it is just that…an archive. In here you will find all kinds of quotes, information, photos, historical documentation, snippets, and odds and ends concerning Winslow. I’ve tried to categorize and tag everything that I can to help you find everything concerning Winslow with as little effort as possible.


My goal for this website is to:

1) Place in one site all information known about Octavius Winslow and hopefully make sense of what limited information we have. It’s amazing that for a man who wrote so deeply and prolifically about the christan faith that there is so little known of him.

2) Update frequently with quotes from Winslow so that readers who may not be familiar with him will gain a taste for his writings and expose them to his other works.

3) Write a biography on Winslow. But to do this, I recognize I need much more information!

4) To create a Wikipedia and Theopedia page dedicated to Octavius Winslow.

I understand this work will be an ongoing process, so updates to this site will hopefully be frequent. Feel free to check back here from time to time to see what new information I have been able to unearth about Winslow.

Usage Guidelines

If you would like to use any of the information or quotes found here, please fell free to use them. There is no need to ask permission. If you will be using these materials online for a blog or website, all I ask is that you provide a link back here to its original source.

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You can see my own personal profile over here if you should so desire.

17 thoughts on “About The Archives

  1. I absolutely LOVE your site Matthew.

    I’m thoroughly looking forward to receiving my Christ-centered, God-exalting Octavius Winslow quotes via email.

    Way to redeem the blogosphere for the glory of God and the benefit of His church!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this blog. About twelve years ago a friend shared a quote with me which I copied into my Bible. Words of great comfort. Words that I have shared with many people since. And recently she discovered that “Child of My love, lean hard…” was penned by one Octavius Winslow. Since then I have been doing a little research and reading up on dear old Winslow and enjoying more of his rich words. I am really excited to have discovered this blog via Rebecca Stark’s “Rebecca Writes” blog. I shall be visiting often. God bless you richly as you press on with this. Thank you!!!

  3. Matthew,

    I also wanted to express my appreciation for the work you are doing with this blog. I just discovered Winslow within the last few years, and have been deeply helped time and again by his writings. I look forward to receiving the emails!

    Garrett Holthaus
    Kirksville, MO

  4. HI Matthew – wonderful site many thanks (and wonderful mustache too!)- ,

    As I also posted on the site’s content itself….

    Greetings from Japan.

    Relating to the devastating Tsunami that has just hit us over here I have just included a blog which quotes Octavious (Help Heavenward – the Crossing the Jordon Chapter) fairly extensively.

    To include such had been on my mind prior to the Tsunami and became doubly relevant beyond it. Please see http://wopodsbb.blog.co.uk/2011/03/15/hurled-into-the-depths-10828520/ for the article.

    I would be delighted if you felt it appropriate to upload its content on your Octavious site. Forgive my presumption in this and no hard feelings if you feel it inappropriate, it’s just his words, in this troubled context bring home such a huge challenge.

    Many blessings,

    Chris Wood (Wopod)

  5. Thank you for your inspiring work on Octavius Winslow. Personal Declension and Revival impacted my life almost fifty years ago.

    Amongst our family papers are a few nonconformist letters and portraits, including incidentally, a small engraved portrait of Octavius Winslow which confirms without question the photograph of him on your website.

    Do you know if there is an archive of Winslow letters and manuscripts held somewhere?

    With kind regards,


  6. Last week I came upon a free podcast on iTunes titled the work of the holy spirit. Further research into Winslow lead me to your site. Today’s quote January 28 was also refreshing. Thank you for your work in the future I hope to be in contact with you.

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