Dedication Service Of Emmanuel Church

Below is a newspaper clipping from the Brighton Gazette advertising the opening of Winslow’s last church he held a pastorate at in Brighton, UK.

Coincidentally, it was on August 20… my birthday.

Winslow kicked up quite a bit of dust during this occasion due to the fact that he invited the Rev. John Knapp, an Anglican, to preach during the dedication service. In those days, any ministers of the Church of England were absolutely forbidden to preach in dissenting (churches not of the Church of England) churches.

I will post more on this controversy later.

Winslow’s Response To Charles Spurgeon’s Remarks On Baptismal Regeneration & The Church Of England

On June 5, 1864, Charles Spurgeon delivered a series of two sermons entitled “Baptismal Regeneration” in which he took liberty to essentially charge the ministers in the Church of England with duplicity in that though they would not teach that baptism regenerated the believer, the Church of England,on the other hand, in fact did.

Needless to say, it created quite a firestorm among the clergy and minsiters and even overflowed the shores of the UK and touched down here in America.

Below is an excerpt from Volume 5 of Evangelical Christendom published in 1864 that deals a bit with this sermon series and a short letter written by Octavius in regards to Spurgeons comments.

It should be noted that Winslow made his own comments in this excerpt as a Baptist and not as an Anglican. His switch to the Church of England would later come in 1870.

I’ve had to transcribe this from Google Books, so I do apologize if there are any typos.

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