The End Has Come At Last


The end has finally come.

I admit I didn’t think I’d ever see it when I started the Morning and Evening Thought posts every day (sort of), but alas, we’ve finally arrived at the end of this two year journey.

It’s been quite a ride spanning quite bit of time not only going through these two books, but my own personal life as well.

I’ve had some seasons where I simply was not able to make the posts available daily, but I did try as much as I could to make them every day. Some things were out of my hands, but by God’s good grace we have arrived.

I want to thank all of you who subscribed to the Morning and Evening Thoughts devotionals and for sticking with me throughout it all. Your kind comments and encouragements have meant so much to me and have left me very humbled indeed. I am only so happy as to have been used to reach out to you all in your lives with Winslow’s work and hope that you have been encouraged and strengthened in your faith.

My goal from day one here has been to spread the word about Winslow and his writing, but I have come to realize now after these two years that my most precious reward for all my work has been to bring a good word to those in need in your times of need. That is my greatest thing I take away with me.

Since the Morning and Evening Thoughts books are now complete, there will be no more “daily” posts here from those two books. I will, however, continue to make posts here on a regular basis from Winslow’s body of work, so don’t write the Archive off just yet!

If you have been subscribing to the Morning and Evening Thoughts only, than I encourage you to also subscribe to the regular blog feed here as well.

What’s more, I have been very busy behind the scenes collecting more and more data about Winslow that I will be posting here as time permits and I have even been compiling a book of chapters from Winslow’s works that are very near and dear to my heart concerning the subjects he wrote most prolifically… suffering and trial. I hope to self publish that book soon and will keep everyone informed as I make progress.

So again, thanks be to God to you all and for the life and work of our dear Octavius.

The Octavius Winslow Archive Now Featured On Devotional Christian

Many thanks to Tony Kummer of Devotional Christian to now featuring the archive on their ever expanding blogroll. Stop in and check them out!

New Blog Badge

I’ve whipped up another blog badge for anyone who might be interested in using it on their own website or personal blog to help promote The Octavius Winslow Archive.

To obtain the badge in various sizes, just click here and select the size that would work best for your needs.

As always, I thank everyone one of you who has helped spread the word about this site and have directed others here! You are truly an encouragement to me!


New “Testimonials” Page

I’ve just added a new “Testimonials” page in the menu above.

If you would like to add your own testimony as to how Winslow’s writings have encouraged and challenged you in your own walk, drop me a line and I’ll get you added!

Another Big Announcement!

When I first sat down to figure out what exactly my goals were for this site, one of my objectives was to establish a Wikipedia page dedicated to Winslow.

After MUCH time trying to figure out how to make a wiki entry (no small task I assure you), it is finally done!

Please stop in and check it out!

A Few Updates

There are now a few new media icons in the sidebar for audio and photos along with a new “Experimental Calvinist” page above.

Trying to hone this site down to make it more usable for you, the reader.

Carry on.