A Mother’s Voice From The Grave

An excerpt taken from Christian Experience. This letter was written by Mary Winslow and was found by the family after her death. The introduction is penned by Octavius:

The following letter, addressed to her children, was found among Mrs. Winslow’s papers after her decease. Although strictly of a domestic character, there is yet much in its holy breathings which may prove God’s voice to other families. Influenced by this feeling, the Editor is constrained to append it to the volume, with the hope that thus she, being dead, may yet speak to many, with the loving, holy earnestness of a”Mother in Israel.” It may be encouraging to add, that the prayers it contains have not been wholly unanswered.

My Dearest Children,

It pleased God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, seventy-five years ago, to bring your mother into this sinful,trying, and disappointing world. “Few and evil,” as old Jacob said, “have been the days of my pilgrimage;” and yet I can add, “goodness and mercy, with all long-suffering patience, have followed me all my days,” and to the present moment I am here to praise His holy name. I can trace God’s gracious hand from the day of my birth to the present moment.

His watchful providence was all around me, and even before I entered upon this poor earth, this vale of tears, it was. His most gracious design that I should be a saved sinner. Wondrous has been His love, and marvellous in my eyes; still have I to “sing of judgment and of mercy.” Many trials, much of the discipline of the Covenant I needed, and my heavenly Father withheld not His parental rod. While one hand was laid heavily upon me, the other sustained and upheld me. All was designed in love to humble me, and to cause me to know Him “whom to know is life eternal.” I thank Him for all, not only on my own account, but on yours also.

Great has been His mercy towards you. In the school of adversity were you trained. He watched over you in a strange land. He suffered no evil to overpower you. Where a mother’s eye could not follow you, His blessed, loving, Fatherly eye was upon you. In the days of my deep sorrow you know that God gave me a promise. In the dark hours of the night, when sleep had forsaken my eyes, and my heart was overwhelmed with anxious care, then did He bow the heavens, and, in condescending mercy, spoke peace and consolation to my tried soul. He then, in that most blessed and eventful hour, promised to be a Father to my fatherless children, and to be my God. And O how He has fulfilled that promise! Who has supplied all your wants? Who has poured abundance into your lap? Has not God done it? Why where you not left destitute, and dependent in a strange land? Who has the gold and silver at His command? Not you. Who has all hearts at His disposal? Not you. Who has preserved you, while crossing a mighty ocean, from a watery grave? Has not God been the Guide of your youth? Has He not watched over you by day and by night, by sea and by land? Has He not supplied all your wants? Dare not say, oh dare not say, “My talents, my industry, my exertions have gotten me these things.”

Oh dare, dare not say it! Give God the glory, and acknowledge it was Him, and Him alone. But what have been the returns? What have you done with what God has given you? He has poured richly into your lap, but what returns have you made for all His goodness to you? Have you made any? Have you laid out what He has given you to the glory of His blessed name? Have you remembered and acknowledged Him in all your ways? Have you gone to Him as your reconciled Father in Christ Jesus? Do you know Him? Do you love Him—Oh, do you love Him who has been so good to you, watching over you by day and by night! Do you love Him? I fear for some of you. My heart trembles for you. I mourn over you. I pray for you. I acknowledge your ingratitude, and bewail before Him your sins. How often do I say, “Spare them, O Lord, and come not into judgment with them.” You know not, nor ever will know until you enter eternity, the ten thousand petitions that have gone up, and are still going up for your souls, your never dying souls.

I thank God for some that, I trust, have fled to Jesus and are saved. For these I pray constantly that they may not only hold fast what they do know, but that they may increase in love, and sweet and holy obedience. But my soul is often, oh how often, cast down on account of others. O eternity, eternity can alone declare to you the prayers offered up, and the tears that have been shed by your anxious mother for your precious and immortal souls. Not a day passes but I bring you before the Lord. A soul lost, or a soul saved! A little while and I pass away. My time is shortening. You will not long have a praying mother: heaven is my home. Shall I meet you there? Will there be one missing? God forbid! Oh did you know how my soul yearns over you! how often I weep before the Lord and confess your base ingratitude to the best of Friends, the best of Fathers. Did He not say He would be a Father to you? Has He not fulfilled that promise? What returns have you made? Search, oh search your hearts, and see how matters stand between you and a heart-searching God. God is not mocked. A little while and you will stand in His presence. A few years, months, perhaps days, and you stand face to face before a holy, holy Lord God.

Trifle not with your precious souls, trifle not with God. And you, my beloved children, who do know Jesus as your Elder Brother, hold fast that you have received, and let no man take your crown. Aim to walk humbly and closely with God. Live for God, labour for Christ, live for eternity; and when I am called hence, let me have the unspeakable comfort of knowing we shall meet again in glory, to part no more for ever. May the Lord, in His infinite tender mercy, bless you all, is the daily prayer of,

Your affectionate Mother,


A Mother’s Counsel To Her Son On The Eve Of His Ordination

I stumbled upon this wonderful little excerpt from a new book of Winslow’s that was previously unknown by me. Entitled Christian Experience, it is another compilation of the writings and journal entries of Mary Winslow, mother to Octavius.

This, as far as I can tell, is now the third published book from Winslow that focus solely on his mother’s writings. Sadly (and most frustrating of all) none exist from Octavius himself.

In 1870, Winlsow was ordained into the Church of England and to this day, absolutely no information survives on not only why he chose to do so, but there is no historical documentation from this momentous day either. There is, however, this touching little letter written by Mary’s hand to her son on this most solemn day.

Holy Counsels on the Eve of Ordination

Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.—I Tim. iv. 16

Tomorrow you are to be examined. I have lifted up my heart in prayer that, if it is not the Lord’s will you should enter upon the all-important work of the ministry of the everlasting Gospel, He would hedge up your way; but, if it is,”that He would carry you through, qualifying you for the glorious work, and greatly blessing you in it; enabling you to fulfil the great, the awful responsibility that will rest upon you, remembering the account you are to render at the great day when He shall summon the world to judgment. Oh that you may aim so to serve and honour Him as then to hear the blessed words: “Well done, good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” Remember Solomon’s petition; God answered it, and gave him more than he asked for. You, too, will need wisdom and great grace. If He gives this He will also add all else that is truly needful. If you desire to be a useful minister you must be a close student of your Bible, avoiding all reading and society calculated to deaden your spirituality and draw your thoughts and heart from your work.

If it is a work God has called you to, think how needful to let everything else go but that; giving all your mind, and all your heart, and all your attention to that work. And what a work! To win souls to Christ, to watch over them when they are won: to follow, to restore, to rebuke with all long suffering patience, and to feed Christ’s sheep and lambs. And with what food will you feed them? The Chief Shepherd must give it to you out of His own Word, and this must be studied with much prayer, taking it yourself first, feeding upon Christ, and thus setting Him forth as the Bread of Life. Preach Jesus and Him crucified. If you study closely and prayerfully your precious Bible, you will not want other men’s sermons. God’s own Word, through the teaching of the Eternal Spirit, being in you as a well of water springing up. Precious Jesus! What a mercy to know, and what a privilege to have communion with Thee! Angels might envy a poor heart-broken sinner at the feet of Jesus: His loving eye and His gracious heart bent upon such an one.

Christian Experience

There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

It is sweet to think how soon, how very soon, we shall be fitted for the companionship of Jesus Himself, beholding Him in all His unveiled beauties. Does not the thought often gladden our heart, and fill your eyes with tears of joy, and holy contrition for sin? I cannot conceive of holy joy unaccompanied with godly sorrow. Confession of sin should make up one half of our lives. Only acknowledge your iniquity.

And when we remember that we have to do with One so willing and so able to pardon, it becomes then a mingled feeling of pleasure and pain. By confessing sin we gather strength to resist it; thereby the enemy of our souls is foiled, the conscience is kept tender, the heart is sanctified, and the blood of Jesus becomes increasingly precious. Let us constantly flee to the cleansing fountain!


A Broken And A Contrite Heart

I have never wept so much for sin as I have done lately. Often have I put up the prayer, ‘Search me, O God’. The Lord has heard and answered it; and oh, if it had not been that the fountain was still open, I would have sunk into unutterable despair. He has ploughed up the fallow ground afresh of my poor heart, and the view presented has prostrated me in the dust. If ever I felt what a broken heart and a contrite spirit was, I have of late. Oh, the evil that is there covered over by the rank weeds of ‘self love’, self complacency, or self in some hideous form or other, that is not discernible until the Holy Spirit makes it known. He is pleased to show us enough to make us cling closer to the cross, to make Jesus more precious, and sin more hateful. But while I have thus been led of late to mourn so much for sin, I have never felt pardon so abundantly manifested. Oh, keep close to the cross!

I see myself more and more, every hour, a poor sinner, unworthy of the least crumb that falls from the Master’s table. But I see, at the same time, Jesus a great Savior, divinely able, and most lovingly willing, to save the chief of sinners, even me. No one can tell how this thought fills my heart with contrition, and my eyes with tears.