April 18: The Depth Of His Humiliation

“Is not this the carpenter’s Son?” Mark 6:3

The attending circumstances of His birth, and the subsequent events of His life, entered deeply into the fact of His abasement. In each step that He took, He did seem to say, “I was born to humiliation and suffering; therefore I came into the world.”

His parents were poor, of lowly extraction, and humble occupation. Until the age of thirty, He lived a life of entire seclusion from the world; and as He was “subject unto His parents,” doubtless His early years were employed in assisting His father in his lowly calling; thus, with His own hands, ministering to His temporal necessities.

For, be it remembered, it was a material part of the original curse pronounced by God on man, “In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread.” Jesus was made under the law, that He might endure the curse; that curse He fully sustained. There was not a part, the bitterness of which He did not taste, and the tremendousness of which He did not endure; and that for His elect’s sake. It were no fanciful idea, therefore, to suppose, that in this feature of the curse our Lord personally entered; that this part of the penalty of human transgression He fully paid; and that, in early life, by the sweat of His brow, He did literally provide for His own temporal sustenance.

Oh touching view of the humiliation of the Son of God! How does it dignify the most lowly occupation, sweeten the heaviest trial, and lighten the deepest care, to reflect, “thus lived, and labored, and toiled, the Incarnate God!”
His riper years were marked by corresponding lowliness. The curse tracked His every step, pressing its claims, and exacting its penalties, to the last moment of existence. What were all His excessive privations, but parts of the same? No home sheltered Him- no domestic comforts cheered Him- no smile of fondness greeted Him- no hand of affection welcomed Him- “The Son of man has not where to lay His head,” was the heart-rending acknowledgment extracted from His lips.

And when a day of exhausting toil had closed upon Him- a day spent in journeying from village to village, and from house to house, preaching the kingdom, healing all manner of diseases, supplying the needs, alleviating the sufferings, and soothing the cares of others- He would retire, lonely and unrefreshed, to the bleak mountain, and spend His long sleepless night in unremitting prayer for His Church!

O adorable and adored Jehovah-Jesus! was ever humiliation and love like yours?