Instant Glory: The Death of Hannah Winslow

In all of my research concerning Octavius, one thing that has always bothered me, aside from the lack of personal information, is the fact that absolutely nothing is known about Hannah Winslow, the wife of Octavius Winslow, who died on October 9, 1866. And when I say absolutely nothing, I mean  just that. There are no records or accounts concerning Hannah that would help us peer into the personal or marital life of these two people.

I have known for a while, however, of a tract entitled “Instant Glory” that Octavius created as a reflection for the year 1867 that has contained within it the actual eulogy he spoke shortly after Hannah’s death. Though in the past I was never able to get a hold of this little tract, I was convinced that within it was some nugget of personal information about his wife that might help us today gain some insight into her life.

Now, with many thanks to Tanner Turley who is currently editing his soon to be released book on the homiletic of Winslow’s preaching, I now have a copy of this little edition and I have to say I was very happy with what lay inside.

The tract itself is divided into two sections. The first is a short sermon prepared by Octavius for his annual new years publication, but the second half is this eulogy to his wife. I have transcribed below this second section only so that we today may gain some heavenly benefit from the life of this godly woman, wife, mother, and helpmate.

I hope it will bless you.

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