Below will find a few testimonials from people who have benefited greatly from the works of Octavius Winslow. If you would like to add your own personal testimony, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll get it added right away!

“Octavius Winslow has been one of my favorite authors for more than forty years. I read his Life in Jesus as a teenager; it deeply moved me and made me jealous of his and his mother’s mature spirituality. His Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul is one of the first books I turn to when I feel my spiritual life slipping into the early stages of backsliding. I have greatly benefited from his Work of the Holy Spirit, which is one of the most experiential and practical treatments of this cardinal subject. And his Precious Things of God, together with his daily devotional works, have bolstered my soul many a midnight hour over the years before retiring. I count it a great honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to bring back into print several of this godly minister’s edifying books. I love Winslow’s spiritual optimism and integrity. For me, he represents devotional writing at its best. He is always leading me to Christ and stirring my soul to love Him more fervently. His writings are always biblical, spiritual, deep, and inspirational. They engage the heart as they transform the will and sure-footedly guide us in the good fight of faith on the way to glory.”

Joel R. Beeke of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Octavius Winslow has become a trusted counselor and dependable encourager to me over the last 15 years of my life. He is full of Christ and helps me read the whole Bible in the light of its one, overarching message. The more I read him, the more I love Jesus.”

Tom Ascol of Grace Baptist Church

“We are living in a day where the gospel is being recovered, lives are being centered on Christ’s life and work on our behalf, and grace is being found all-sufficient for every need.  Those being swept into this gospel current will be greatly encouraged by the stream of writings by Octavius Winslow.  Few writers in church history have written with such depth, richness, and affection for Jesus, and your heart will be inflamed with greater love for Christ.  Read him, feel his passion for God, and reap the joy that comes from appropriating the glories of Christ as seen through the writings of Winslow!”

Timmy Brister of Provocations and Pantings

“Precious Things is an old and somewhat obscure book, first published in London in 1860. It was republished in 1994 by Soli Deo Gloria, but since it has passed into and out of print several times. I read it for the first time in 2000 and 2001. It is a precious book to hold in my hands now because I distinctly remember bringing it to the hospital for the birth of our first child. I read from it to my wife as we walked the hospital hallways to speed up the labor process—me holding my wife’s hand with one hand and holding Winslow open with the other.”

Tony Reinke of Miscellanies (excerpt from a larger post)

“On Monday 23rd August I recieved the Octavius Winslow devotion by email from yourself titled with the scripture ‘God is Love’. I didn’t actually settle down to read this devotion until the afternoon, but it was delivered directly to my heart by the agency of Jesus’s own Holy Spirit. It was these following words from our Brother Winslow that revealed Jesus in His mercy, waiting to receive me and I just looked upon my Jesus who lived, died and was resurrected for me and I was no longer blinded, I could now see my Salvation was complete and beyond doubt, I, like a child sitting at it’s father’s feet, trusted in Him without reserve. I was saved, safe and at last at peace, I was my Saviour’s and my Saviour was mine!”

Gavin MacGregor (excerpt from a larger post)

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