Winslow Gravesite

Below you will find photographs that have been acquired through Mr. Phil Bendall. He was kind enough to go out to the Abbey Cemetery and take these shots for me. As stated in the Winslow Biography page, he is buried in the Abbey Cemetery in Bath, England. You will be able to get a better idea of the lay of the land by viewing it from a birds eye view. The Winslow tombs are in section 3.

Next, following the images of the Octavius and Hannah tomb stone, you will see images related to the tomb of Mary and John Whitmore Winslow, the mother and eldest son of Octavius.

Octavius and Hannah Ann Winslow

Octavius and Hannah Winslow Tomb

Above you will find a “context photo” of the Winslow tomb. Mr. Bendall tells me that the building just to right of the obelisk in the far off background is the Abbey and behind it are the Georgian buildings in the center of town going up to Lansdown. The image was taken from in front of the mortuary chapel looking north-westwards. The tomb just to the right of the obelisk is that of Emma Winslow, sister of Octavius.

Close up of Octavius and Hannah Tombstone.

Another close up shot of the Winslow obelisk with the tomb of Emma Winslow to the close right.

South side of Octavius and Hannah tombstone.

Detail photo of the Hannah Ann Winslow portion of obelisk. It reads:

In fond Memory of

Hannah Ann,

wife of the Revd Octavius Winslow, D.D.

only daughter of Colonel Z. Ring. U.S.A.

died suddenly in this City October 9, 1866

“Caught up to the Lord” I Thess. IV. 12

East side of Octavius and Hannah Winslow tombstone.

Detail photo of the Octavius portion of obelisk. It reads as follows:


To the fond Memory of

Octavius Winslow, D. D.

Who died at Brighton

March 5th 1878

Born August 1st 1808

“I was in the Spirit on the Lords Day” Rev I.x

My weary eyelids softly sleep.

Be my last thought how sweet to rest.

For ever on my Saviour’s breast.

Tomb of Emma Winslow, sister of Octavius Winslow.

Above photo is a close up shot of the Emma Winslow tomb.

233069The above image seems to be taken just around the turn of the century. You will note there once was a gravel pathway and chain fencing just in front of the monument.


Looking North

View north

As you may see above, the Winslow monument is practically right in front of the Abbey.


Mary and John Whitmore Winslow

Overall view of Mary and John Whitmore tomb.
Mary Winslow inscription.
John Whitmore inscription.
Mary Winslow inscription close up.
John Whitmore inscription close up.

4 thoughts on “Winslow Gravesite

  1. Great photos!

    Many thanks to you Matt, as well as Mr. Phil Bendall, for giving us a peek at these very detailed pictures. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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